Borough crafting an emergency declaration

By Heidi Zemach

Mayor Mike Navarre hears Tena Morgan at Flood Board Meeting

The Kenai Peninsula Borough, with assistance from its legal department and the City of Seward, is putting together documentation for the State of Alaska to issue a State of Emergency declaration for Seward, said Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Mike Navarre. That should be done sometime later today, he said. Meanwhile, a State of Emergency declaration was issued yesterday afternoon by Jim Hunt, the Seward City Manager. The state declaration starts the process going to pay for the borough resources currently being expended in efforts to mitigate flooding in the area, and for the repair public infrastructure such as roads and bridges, but won’t pay individuals for their own losses, Navarre said. It also won’t bring more resources to the area for immediate assistance, he said


“We’re doing what we can to try to mitigate problem areas,” Navarre said. These include providing road crews (and Metco workers) to help with Nash Road, Old Mill Subdivision, Lost Creek Bridge, and an engineer to help examine what can best be done at Box Canyon. That area is being assessed, and hopefully, the borough can get some heavy equipment into the area tomorrow to start the process of moving water into the channel so that it can be diverted from the residential area, he said. Some people from the borough road crew have been on the site, and are in Seward coordinating that effort.

The borough mayor’s office has been talking with the city emergency officials, with the flood board, and their borough hydrologist Dan Mahalak to coordinate mitigation efforts, and are hoping for a break in the weather to be able to help alleviate the effects of the flooding, without putting people in harm’s way, Navarre said.



  1. I am glad that we are finally hearing something from the Borough. However, the Borough Office of Emergency Services has been very slient. Has anyone gotten any pre-recored phone calls regarding the flooding? I haven’t.

    The only thing on their webpage is a reposting of the City of Seward Emergency update and the flood warning from NWS.

    It seems like the Borough OEM needs to figure out if they are leading or following.

  2. Yes, we got a pre-recorded call from the Borough yesterday evening about the flooding. We live inside the city limits if that matters. I don’t recall exactly what was said in the recording as I’ve been reading so many SCN updates.

  3. I got the robocall last night as well. I believe that this is a ‘service’ that you need to activate. There was an email I got a work a few months (years) ago that asked for the phone number to enroll in the service. I enrolled my home and cell number.

    The city also has a text feature on the website that sends out ‘updates’ – however, they only send out the information that there was an ‘update’ and not the actual text. This is essentially useless for people with texting (non-smart) phones since they get a text saying that there is an emergency message, but they aren’t able to get the message if they don’t have access to the internet…

    I concur with others – I am awestruck in the efforts being put forth by City and State workers and helpful friends and neighbors…Glad to live in Seward, where people still help and care about one another!

  4. is the site to register your cellphone with the borough to get the emergency messages.

    They say that landlines are all on the system already, but if you have a GCI phone it couldn’t hurt to call the GCI 800# and make sure that they have you registered at your correct E-911 address.