2012 Seward Festival Artist Profile ~ Ghost Hands

Ghost Hands

Ghost Hands was assembled in early 2011 when James Glaves, Sonny Ogle and Troy Anniskett got together at James’ home studio in Kasilof, a small south Alaskan nowhere town to lay down some tracks for Troy’s “solo” record. After a few drinks and an in-depth kitchen conversation about how to build a solid album front to back they decided to combine Troy’s tracks with Sonny and James’ latest recording efforts to build a “monster album”, thus Ghost Hands was born. They promptly enlisted the help of musician friends Greg Geddes on drums, and Andy Tholberg on bass.

James, Sonny, and Andy all grew up in the same area on the Kenai Peninsula and had all played together in a previous psychedelic band called The Wagner Logic while Greg and Troy’s roots were established in Anchorage through several different bands including Troy’s current alma mater band Shy Bones.

The band prides themselves for recording all of their music at home and hold on to the d.i.y. mentality of early punk and underground music.

The band is currently playing shows in Alaska and have shared the stage with numerous local bands and national acts Minus the Bear, and The Melvins. They are currently writing and recording songs for the their first full length album which will be released…..someday.


Performance Time: 
Friday, September 28, 2012 – 11:30pm


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