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Silver Salmon Derby Update

The 57th Seward Silver Salmon Derby started off with killer weather. Beautiful and Sunny for 3 days straight!

As of 8-14-12 1:30pm a 11 year old from Anchorage (Tristan Borneman) is still in the lead with 15.71lb Silver Salmon.

Daily standings go as followed:

8-13-12 daily winners

Man: Tony Franders- 13.55

Woman: Joann Phisterer- 13.86

Youth: Josi Zugg- 11.63

8-12-12 daily winners

Man: Roger Groth- 15.37


Woman: Jennifer Hemera- 14.79

Youth: Myles Garner- 11.73

8-11-12 daily winners

Man: Albert Sykes-13.13

Woman: Renee James-12.51

Youth:Tristan Borneman-15.71

Posted for Erin Lemas, Seward Chamber of Commerce Events Coordinator

Seward Chamber of Commerce


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  1. “Killer” weather?
    Are there 12 year holds writing the Seward News these days?