Community Schools start up Tuesday, August 21

August 16, 2012 4:35 pm2 commentsViews: 10

School start up is just around the corner (August 21, first day of school) and sports have started up practice schedules. When looking for information about our local schools and sports schedules I found out a lot of information. Thought I would share what was found out there for families that might be new to the community. Thank you to a few parents that helped steer me in the right directions!

Site for finding information about schools in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District:
Our local schools home page sites of Moose Pass, Seward Elementary, Seward Middle and Seward High Schools:

School supplies lists for Seward Elementary, see the Seward Elementary site home page above.


Sports Schedules for the High School students are at this site:

The KPBSD calendar for 2012-13 can be found at this site:

Teachers returned to school on Aug. 14, with students returning on Aug. 21. Enjoy the last days of summer break!

**Adding the school bus schedule**


M Tougas