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New Fish Passage Culvert in Questa Woods

On July 5th and 6th Metco Inc. completed the installation of a special “fish passage” culvert on Timber Drive at the south end of the Questa Wood subdivision. Metco Inc. and Tom Gillespie’s crew did a great job of installing the new culvert and minimizing the disturbance to the creek.

About 7 years ago the Kenai Watershed Forum (KWF) surveyed several Seward area creeks to add them to the Anadromous Waters Catalog and to look for culverts that prevent fish passage. The Timber Drive culvert was found to inhibit fish passage. Recently the KWF secured funding from Federal, Borough and non-federal sources and asked RBCA to handle all the logistics involved with design, private property approval, obtaining permits, bidding and construction.

Last week, years of work came to fruition and a 72 inch arched metal culvert was installed adjacent to the old 24 inch culvert. Leaving the old culvert in place made the construction work easier and it allowed reduced impacts to the creek (a small groundwater fed tributary to Salmon Creek).  Metco employed a few special techniques to install several inches of clean gravel and rock inside the new culvert so that it closely mimics a natural river channel.


By late Friday afternoon small salmon fry were seen swimming into the new culvert. Success!  We expect that upstream property owners will also benefit by the huge increase in stormwater flow that the new culvert will allow to pass. This should result in a reduction of flooded crawl spaces, which has been a problem in this area.

Matt Gray
Resurrection Bay Conservation Alliance
Watershed Program Coordinator



  1. Who do i call? There is a blocked culvert which salmon pass through between City Express and Knots So fast. It passes under the Seward Highway. Right now it is totally blocked and i feel i am calling in circles to get it fixed.

    • maybe take some pictures and post on SCN. Nothing like some publicity to get things moving.

    • Becky-

      If the culvert you mention is not already on the list we’ll make sure that it’s added. If its truly blocking salmon as you mention it is likely already on the list. Keep in mind that limited funds for replacing problem culverts restricts the number and timeliness of replacements.

  2. Yes when it floods and there is fish in my drive way that’s where they come from. How do i find out if it’s on the list?

  3. The KWF & RBCA are not the end all /cure all (though I acknowlege their contributions). The fact is the SBCFSA is the first stop in the political roadblocks….then the Borough….then the State…..then the Feds. Please get involved, more than at SCN. You have a wealth of knowlege regarding the things that are happening adjacent to your business. Missed you at last nights meeting. Peace out!