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Derelict Vessel to be Removed

By Heidi Zemach for SCN

Derelict Vessel Debris at Spring Creek Beach

The Kenai Peninsula Borough’s Gilman River Center, on the other side of the peninsula, has hired contractor Merkes Construction, to remove the wrecked remains of an old tugboat that has long lain in pieces on the Spring Creek Campground beach, at Seward Marine Industrial Center. The wreck is only exposed at at low tide, so taking advantage of a minus tide, it will be removed during the first low tide of Tuesday, July 31st, and perhaps the next one or two subsequent low tides.
This Monday night, July 30, the contractor was scheduled to arrive in Seward with a large amount of heavy equipment in order to be set for the minus tide Tuesday morning.  In order to keep the beach area clear of campers, the crew was asked to pre-arrange some sawhorses and snow fencing along a 250 foot length of the beach.


The old tugboat, once known as The Daring, had been in the harbor until the late ’80s or early ’90s, said Deputy Harbormaster Norm Regis. The harbor department had emptied the vessel of all gas and oil and hazardous materials, and was towing it out to a site in Resurrection Bay that the U.S. Coast Guard had identified for its disposal, where it also towed and sank a similar vessel called The Jim. But en-route to the disposal site, a sudden strong storm rose up, with high winds, and meanwhile the vessel “popped a (wooden) flank”, allowing water to flow into the Daring, threatening to sink it. So the harbor office dragged it to the Spring Creek beach instead. It also broke loose of its moorings and smashed on the shore. The harbor office has since hauled away some of its parts, but what remains, and can still be seen below the tide line at low tide, are mostly steel along with some wooden parts.
The Kenai Peninsula Borough is financing the removal through a Coastal Impact Assistance Program grant.   It is one of over 20 sites that were identified in the grant process for clean-up, said River Center Resource Planner John Czamezki.



  1. Arlene & Greg Carpenter

    Maybe they can remove the junker on Lowell Point too!