Seward History





  1. Great shots. Can you tell us more about who took them and who some of the people are in the photos?


      The pictures were taken by George Daniels,and George is in a number of them.I live in Seward,but am going to school down in Daytona Beach FL.,where i meet George.He lived in Seward from 1947-1954,he came there with the army,and stayed,he worked on the Seward highway,and then got into building fiberglass boats,which he did most of his life,he,s better known as Fiberglass George,had a boatshop in Port Townsend,WA. for a long time.
      He gave me hundreds of photos,that he had put on a cd,they came out awesome,so i had to post them,if anyone wants more ,e-mail me,or George at EFF50YEARS@GMAIL.COM.George told me about the one picture of Ralph Hatch,who i googled,and found out he won Mt. Marathon 6 times.enjoy.

  2. Very Cool! Thanks for sharing, I agree Doug, more information would be great.

  3. I am guessing this is 5th and Adams during the 4th of July?

  4. Wow! The year I was born in the old hospital on Second Ave.

  5. WOW. These pics are awesome and the scans are perfect….

    I never knew the library was underneath the FNBA building. I could look at these pics all day long! Thanks for posting them!

  6. WOW is correct. I’ve never seen this collection before. What an absolute treat. The clarity almost seems like they are digitally enhanced. Thanks you very very much for posting them.

  7. Nice pics. I am gonna have to dig up my dads. James P.Shea

  8. Pam, please do and post them. There are many of us who would LOVE to see them. Thanks

  9. I could be wrong but, I think pic enhanced. Born and raise I will dig out my folks pictures.

  10. These awesome photos belong in the Seward Museum/Library collection!

    I too had problems with the email EFF50YEARS@GMAIL.COM. I hope Bruce will repost.


  11. I am honored to say that these pictures are my fathers. He had been carrying them around my whole life (60 years), even as far as the Virgin Islands.They have been through fire, flood and hurricanes. 5 years ago when George turned 80, I asked him if he would let me help him put them in some order and then offered to pay to have them put on CD before something happened to them.These literally are our “family jewels” and I desperately wanted to preserve them. Thanks to Bruce Willison, I am deeply, deeply grateful that he was brought together with my father George so that my dad could finally have a greater pleasure by sharing these amazing pictures with the one place that has always stolen his heart, The Jewel of Alaska. I am so thankful that he was able to see it in such an early stage of its developement. I am thankful that he loved taking photos even tho he would never know until now how valuable they would become. I am so thankful that you all have had such wonderful responses as it has delighted him greatly!!

    • Shellie,
      I’ve been looking for a race photo of Ralph Hatch for a story I am writing for the Seward Chamber’s Mount Marathon Guide. Ralph holds the record for the most wins by a local resident in the race, and I’d love to use the above photo of him, and credit you or your father, George, for the photos.

      What an accomplishment! If you can let me know if that would be ok, email me at melissa(‘at’ symbol here) Thank you for preserving these great photos!