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ASLC Spot-Light on Science Seminar Series:

Presents:  Two decades of implanting transmitters in birds (with musings about veterinarians, biologists, and wildlife research).                                                                                                                                                                      

Guest Speaker:  Daniel M. Mulcahy, Ph.D., D.V.M.,  US Geology Survey, Alaska Science Center

When:  Friday, June 1, 2012    12-1pm  (Brown Bag Lunch)

Where:  Alaska SeaLife Center, Bear Mountain Conference Room


Free Seminar, everyone welcome!

Implanting electronic devices (transmitters and data loggers) inside an animal’s body has several advantages over mounting devices externally, including reduction in drag and risk of entanglement and being in a more thermally stable environment.  Implantation of electronic devices into the coelom of birds has become a standard technique, with 117 species implanted to date.  Projects done at the U.S. Geological Survey’s Alaska Science Center have used thousands of implanted devices in 34 species of birds.  Nevertheless, several bird species have proven to be intolerant of implanted devices and alternative approaches are being investigated.  The logistic, anesthetic and surgical techniques required to implant devices in remote areas have been developed over the last two decades.  The definition of adequate techniques to be used in implantation of electronic devices in field settings has become controversial.  The privilege of using live animals in research studies must be protected at all costs, including the costs of doing things the right way.


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