In the usual spirit of free and open discussion of the issue the Council will hear the pros and cons of Fluoride at the END of tonight’s meeting.

Get ready for poison in your drinking water folks and thank [Admins Note: content cut- articles must address the topic and not who may or may not agree with the author] for all these “benefits” by rail roading this through with the absolute minimum of public comment.



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  1. I agree….I don’t want fluoride in my Water!!!Why would you want to poison people? Why can’t people just take responsibility for themselves and take care of their own hygene? COME ON PEOPLE!!!! Why do we want to ruin perfectly good water with POISON????

  2. I drank fluorinated water most of my life. I have great teeth. If fluoride was so bad, how come so many of us that drank water with fluoride have good teeth and good health?

    I want the same for my kids.

  3. and another thing – if you think it is so bad, why can’t you sign your name to your comments!!

  4. Im voting no. I do not want flouride in my drinking water. I have very healthy teeth by the way. I guess Ill have to start buying bottled water.

  5. Thanks to Dr. Moriarty and the members of the community who have brought this health initiative to the forefront of our public discussion.
    I find it interesting that those opposing flouride in our community’s water can only use conspiracy theorists, anonymous websites, and scientific studies by laypeople which were not reviewed by academic peers to support their arguments, while those advocating flouride have the support of all of the medical professionals in our community, the AMA, the ADA, the IHS, the PHS, and every recognized scientific and research body in America.

  6. What does signing my name to my comments have anything to do with my opinion? Look fluoride up…its right up there with arsenic…how can the same amount be good for an infant as it is for a 40 year old 200 pound adult? You know the white spots of some peoples teeth”fluorisis” is caused by intake of too much fluoride….if it eats away your teeth what does it do to your bones…think about it…

  7. Im wondering if Dave and the Dentist drink city water. If they live out of town they wont have to use the water to cook with etc. Just wondering. I dont agree or disagree with anyone. I just dont want it in my drinking water.

  8. And…the problem with a “little” fluoride is that the stuff is cumulative and no one knows how much we are all ingesting in total. Fluoride is in everything/everywhere-including organic products.

    The research advocating it’s use is dated and no one has done recent studies because the lobbies involved strangle any research that opposes the status quo.

    Anyone who has ever worked for any branch of government knows…admin doesn’t want to know what it doesn’t want to know.

  9. Interesting too that the blog administrator “cuts content” of criticism of the sponsors of this but allows thanks to the same group.

  10. The problem Dave is the “in America” part. Germany, Holland and most EU countries are a lot less enthusiastic and some ban it outright.

    AMA? ADS? (and the capper) IHS? You really trust these guys? I read their history as a long story of egregious abuse of power to advance their personal/professional interests over their clients.

    If you trust them–Call me–I got this bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

  11. Do people just not know how to brush their own teeth….I feel sorry for you guys….

  12. There is evidence that fluoride is poisonous to our system. Do the research. Washington DC is an example. Clorimate (a substitute for clorine) has been in their water for years. The city added fluoride. Tumor rates skyrocketed. In testing, they discovered that the mixture of clorimate, fluoride and lead pipes created a chemical that harms the public!

    It truly boils down to…
    Do I want someone to medicate me without my permission? I am not giving my consent for fluoride to be placed in my water.

    There are folks in our community that have done extensive research and have totes of information if anyone is interested in listening.
    Also google Fluoride in Juneau. An interesting read.

  13. Sandie, whether you give your consent or not it IS going to be in City Water unless the council votes NO….TONIGHT!

    230 people who voted don’t want it in their water but that doesn’t matter.

    People (other than me who has already showed up and declared my position) need to let the council know how strongly they are opposed to this. Otherwise…It’s a done deal.

  14. Glad that so many seem to be educating themselves about the issue…then those that are just parroting what the “PROFESSIONALS” say…to those, I’d say, I suppose you still believe that poinsettias are deadly….do your own research, and don’t let “urban legends” rule the day…rely on “current” scientific research….I’ve done mine, have you?

  15. I have been listening to alot of pros and cons over the past 8 months to a year and have watched as this has gotten to a boiling point. I haven’t given my opinion due to the fact that my husband is the Public Works Director and I said I would stay out of it. Now I feel it is time to make my comment on this. I am a military brat, born and raised Navy kid. I have lived in lots of different places in the US including Guam.With that said I was raised with Flouride both in the water and the tablets that the dentists “used to hand out” to the appropriate ages. I brushed and still do my teeth 3-4 times a day. I also drink lots of tea which by the way has lots of natural fluoride in it. I am a poster child but not for fluoride for genetics. I have done it all fluoride tablets, fluoridated water and yet I still have thousands of dollars in crowns in my mouth due to genetics. My children born and raised in Alaska, twin daughters who brush there teeth like their mom and by the way identical twins both with decent teeth but one with more cavities then the other my son who I chased through the house with a tooth brush has beautiful teeth and not one of them has had fluoride other than in what the ate or the tea that the drank that I gave them. My point is that I believe in my opinion that genetics plays a huge part in our teeth and caring for our teeth ourselves is the second part to this puzzle. I think it is important that we all be educated and not necessarily rely on what the medical communitysays. They are human also and don’t always have all the answers no matter how educated. We need to educate our selves and our children onhygene. If you need fluoride talk to your local dentist about the tablets and give those to your children. Research has shown that topical is better anyway. Our local dentist would know that and should have the tablets made available so call the office and find out how to get the tablets for your kids. I feel that there is ways around fluoridating the water I don’t believe it is necessary for all. I do agree that it helps out with young teeth. I am not educated in fluoride I do however have my experience with my teeth and family teeth. That is what I have offered and am being honest about my lack of knowledge. I wish there were others in the city who would be equally as honest.

  16. This is America people! I say we put it up for a vote and let the majority make their voices heard with votes.

  17. So how did the vote turn out?

  18. This is NOT an issue that should even be considered a topic for a vote.
    My neighbor cannot decide for me whether I have to be medicated…unless I am found to be incompetent. 🙂
    You want the fluoride…go to your doctor/dentist and get it. Please do not make me take something just because some believe it may be good for me.
    Example…I believe kids should eat fruits and veggies, but I don’t have the right to force parents to insist their child eat x amount of servings per day?
    A side note…Did it ever occur to the proponents of fluoride that some of the population may be hypersensitive to fluoride?

  19. What was voted on was to have an independent unbiased study done. Where was everyone last night giving input? When you get an audience full of pro floridation supporters and no one to oppose one could assume (that word) that the majority wants floride in our water. Its not a done deal….show up at the meetings and voice your opinions.

  20. Couple things Linda,

    Every hearing on this, while “legal” according to APOC has been designed to discourage public comment.

    “You don’t want to discuss this in Public” said the first Fluoride Wellness group’s consultant.

    Soon as anyone outside the group tried to attend-meetings were cancelled and not rescheduled.

    First hearing was on the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend and the representative of the “con” side was chosen by the members of the “pro” side.

    Official City language has been repeatedly “drafted and reviewed” by the pro side. Ask for the city admins emails and phone logs and see what you find.

    This last hearing was “advertised” during the Christmas holiday break.

    Members of the public had to really pay attention to even know this was being discussed let alone the extent to which the City administration had advanced this agenda.

    I know this is politics as usual but this is not, yet another, unfair real estate deal being slipped by the City Council.

    This is water, that everyone has to drink, (well unless like most of the Pro advocates you live outside the city).

    Our own public works department doesn’t want it. Almost half the citizens don’t want it.

    Why and how were so few able to get so far with an obviously individual agenda about a clearly obvious public issue?

    Why was there never a “Hey this is a highly controversial issue that the public needs to fully understand and discuss moment?”

    Instead, it was moved through the process in a “How can we get this through with the least conversation and opposition”

    If council really wants to hear what people think, don’t stick it on a council agenda Memorial day weekend: advertise and hold a truly public meeting with lots of notice at a time of year when people are likely to be paying attention.

    The whole process here, like fluoride in drinking water, just plain stinks.

  21. The more things change, the more they remain the same.

    BTW The French title of this thread is a quote from French Literature that has become a proverb.