Mclean/Ruby Celebrations Postponed

In True Alaskan Tradition there has been a change of plans

Due to Many Summer Frenzied Schedule Conflicts the Bride and Groom will be eloping! Where?? and When?? Well then that wouldn’t be eloping if we told you the answer would it?

Truly……..we did not realize there were several conflicting events happening the weekend of the 8th.

Its the 50th Wedding Anniversary and Celebration for The Seavey’s——Much Congradulations to them. Please join and share in their Joy with their Family.

Its Silver Salmon Derby……


Its madly building winter sheds, splitting and stacking wood, putting away the fish and don’t forget the berries!! Annd its preparation for moose season!! Not to mention in all of this its been a very short summer this year!!

Thus we are happy to post pone our celebrations. To us, as many of you will understand, its not ‘The Date’ thats important. We’ve made our commitments long ago……Thank you all for your notes and Best Wishes. We are very happy to be together and beginning our lives together.

We will share in our joy with you perhaps as the summer comes to an end and September lumbers in around a much needed relaxing fire pit………Until then enjoy what’s left of the summer and we hope to see you all soon.

Scott and Tina Ruby
Along with Nubuck and The Rascal



  1. Good Luck Tina and Scott! See you both when the ‘season’ slows down. Congratulations to you both.
    Tom and Mary T & Family

  2. Congratulations Tina! You are really REALLY missed here. I am so happy for you. Hope our paths cross in the near future! Deb Burdick-Hinton