Business, Economics

image001.jpgThe northwest corner of 3rd and Jefferson has been a hot topic over the years for the Chamber, our members, and the community at large. Again, we are caught between fiscal realities and historic preservation. Our mission, “to promote and support a diversified economy,” reflects our commitment to Seward’s business community, and as Executive Director, it becomes my job to recommend action to the Chamber Board that supports our mission and the members we serve.

The Chamber is not a non-profit charity. We are a not-for-profit business, and our actions need to be in line with sounds business practices. We have received offers to purchase the railcar and the property. Because we also hold a fairly significant mortgage on our Derby Booth Headquarters, sound financial logic suggests selling one asset to secure another.

We have scheduled two previous meetings this spring to allow voices from the community to propose an alternative option to the Chamber Board. The FINAL meeting for this group will be June 22nd, 5 PM, at the Hotel Seward. Following that meeting, I will be presenting the community proposal to the Board for review.



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