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Flood Damage Applicant Briefing

On Monday December 18th at 12:00 PM, the Kenai Peninsula area damage applicants will attend an Applicant Briefing in Soldotna at the Assembly Chambers. Known applicants at this time that should be in attendance include:

  1. Kenai Peninsula Borough
  2. City of Seward
  3. Alaska Railroad
  4. DOT&PF Central Region
  5. Homer Electric
  6. Seward Sea Life Center
  7. Alutiiq Shellfish Hatchery

For this Applicant Briefing, 2 State PA personnel and 1 FEMA PAC will be in attendance. Immediately following the briefing, the FEMA PAC will schedule the kick-off meetings with

the applicants in attendance for sometime after January 08, 2007.

[Attached letter]

Dear Applicant:

This letter is a reminder that a representative from the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and FEMA will be conducting an Applicant Briefing for the federally declared 2006 October Southern Alaska Storm Disaster according to the attached schedule. The Applicant Briefing is a meeting conducted by the State for all potential Applicants for public assistance grants. The briefing occurs after an emergency or major disaster has been declared and addresses application procedures, administrative requirements, funding, and program eligibility criteria.

To obtain the maximum benefit from the information presented at the briefing, you should provide at least one person familiar with the damages and any repairs that were made and a financial person to the briefing. Please be sure to share this information with any other State, Tribal, or Private Non-Profit agencies in your community that may also have damages from this disaster. Along with the proper representatives from your organization being present at this briefing, the following list of items should also be made available at this briefing, if not previously submitted:

  • Signed Request for Public Assistance form (attached)
  • Details on damages not previously reported, to include; location, damage description and dimensions, a detailed Scope of Work on how you plan to repair the damage, and a detailed cost estimate.

Also taking place after the applicant briefing, the FEMA personnel will need to schedule a Kick-Off meeting with each potential applicant. This meeting is designed to be an initial meeting between the applicant and FEMA. At this working session, the applicant will be required to provide a list of damages, details about those damages, cost documentation for work completed, photographs and any other items that might support your claims for damages. You will receive comprehensive information about the Public Assistance program and detailed guidance for their specific circumstances. The people who should attend the Kick-Off meeting include your Risk Manager, Record Keeper, Public Works Official, and/or others with a working knowledge of the repairs made or needed. Any information that you can provide will expedite this process and provided funding to your community more quickly.

The Applicant Briefing should last approximately 2 hours. This Briefing is an important aspect in the Recovery Process. It will be the corner-stone in helping you understand the Public Assistance process and will outline your roles and responsibilities. Actual Site Inspections of your damaged facilities and the Kick-Off meetings are scheduled to begin on or around January 08, 2007. This is due to the Holiday Season and to allow enough time for applicants to develop their projects by site, and gather all of the necessary items that will be required for the Kick-Off meetings and site inspections. The joint State/FEMA team will need you to provide someone familiar with the damage locations, and any repairs made to accompany them. I look forward to our meeting and please feel free to contact me at 1-907-428-7053 or (e mail address) with any questions or concerns.


Mark Passmore

State Public Assistance Officer



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