Who is voting for who?

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  1. Mike Calhoon, John French and pick # 3 is still undecided.

    I found it interesting that Scott Egger spoke of saving money, etc at the “Meet the Candidates” last night. What I would like to ask Mr. Egger is this- Wouldn’t it be a big savings to the tax payers of Seward if you STOPPED some of your ridiculous grievenesses with the City of Seward? Stop hiding behind I.B.E.W. and come clean-you are wasting money and time because you have NOTHING BUT TIME to do so. Oh yes, I forgot to ask you about the street light that is too bright for house. And so now, you are wasting more time by making the city fix it. I am happy that there are NOT more citizens like you out there. What if we all started complaining as loud and often as you. Should all of the lights be changed? And by the way, I think street lights are put in so that cars do not go off the road, and so CHILDREN can safely wait for their school bus….Grow up Egger, move on and STOP your madness. You ONLY want to be on Council for ONE reason-REVENGE.