1. Alaskatnt – Your comments on the Mary Lowell Center would lead readers to believe that the City of Seward has some ownership in the Mary Lowell Center.
    If you did some research I think you would find the Mary Lowell Center facility is to be owned, constructed and paid for by the NPS, not the City (I could be wrong). Although the City of Seward has supported the concept of the Multi Agency facility(Mary Lowell), they did state it must be a self sustaining facility. Sometime after the former City Manager Phil Shealy left and before the new City Manager Clark was hired, it seems there was some unspoken assumption that the City would have some sort of financial responsibility to the Mary Lowell Center.

    I am still trying to figure out why the Park Service couldn’t put their facility out toward Exit Glacier rather than in historic downtown Seward and why they think the City should have anything to do with their new facility. Maybe council could answer the question as to why they City should take a position offering more than their written support of the Mary Lowell Center project. I don’t think the City should contribute any money toward the Mary Lowell Center. I also don’t think the City should even entertain the idea of sharing a conference room or any other areas of the new facility.

    The City Council needs to focus their attention how to fund building a new City Shop. There has been talk of building a new shop as far back as 1998. It is apparent there is a need for a new shop,the idea has been before council in the past, but it kept getting kicked back. The City could sell the parcel where the City Shop is located for at least $1 Million and those funds could go toward paying for the new Shop. The City could save money they currently pay to lease office space if they put Electric, Planning, Engineering and Building under the same roof as the City Shop like originally proposed. It is very convenient to have building, planning and electric all in one place. It would even speed up some permitting issues with one less stop for people to make-Imagine all the City utilities under one roof.

    I guess it is too much to ask for anything in this town to make sense, it seems everything is done the hard way and nothing is ever done with foresight. It is time for the people to demand their representatives make some realistic and much needed changes. I think those changes should start with a new council, one that is ethical enough to recognize BECAUSE it’s a small town they MUST take the initiative to point out a conflict may exist when there are issues before them that may cross the line. Let the Mayor decide if there is a conflict AND the Mayor needs to pass the gavel when he or she feels THEY may have a conflict of interest. Speaking of council… if you vote for S.E. you are voting for a wolf in sheeps clothing. I have a feeling you may see him on council (because he is good at telling stories and acting), and if you do, you will be sorely disappointed that the wool was pulled over your eyes because there is definitely an agenda there and it has nothing to do with what is best for the people of Seward.

  2. Wow, I can’t resist. “A wolf in sheeps clothing”? “good at telling stories AND acting”? You are right about one thing. I do have an agenda. That agenda is telling the truth, advocating full disclosure of information that is pertinent to the publics ability to make informed decisions, and providing safe and equal treatment of all employees and the general public. Do any of those ideas conflict with what is good for Seward citizens? I say, let them decide, but give them the facts. The City admin has been suppressing information to,giving false information, and making information difficult to obtain for citizens. They want to keep you ignorant. I believe it is because a certain person(s) in the admin believe they know better than the public, what is best for them. Although there may be another reason. I will continue to press for open records and open govt.