I think this is a fabulous idea but would like to know a number of things:

Who is the owner? I’ve heard Russell is only thinking about working for you and is not the owner.

I’m not familiar with blogs, etc., will what is submitted first be reviewed or edited before posting? The Seward Phoenix Log seems to have a knack for changing submitted letters.




  1. Seward City News is owned by Paul Tougas. Posts and comments are only held over for moderation if they contain profanity or look like spam. The author of a post can edit or remove their contribution at any time; comments on a post can only be removed by an administrator.

  2. Paul, Any chance we could add a couple categories that would benefit all our non-profit & service organizations such as volunteer opportunities and/or wish lists? Also, a community calendar would be an awesome addition. Thanks for doing this!

  3. Three cheers for Russell and Paul! Now, let’s all get in the act and make this thing GROW.