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It's Hunting Season and the Coast Guard Auxiliary offers 7 tips to keep hunters safe

Daffy: “It’s Wabbit season!”
Bugs: “Duck season!”
Daffy: “Wabbit season!”
Bugs: “Duck season!!”
Daffy: “Wabbit season!!”
Bugs: “Duck season!!!”
Daffy: “Wabbit season!!!”
USCG Auxiliary: “It’s Hunting Season and we want you to be safe!!!”

And while we all enjoyed Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny fight over which season it actually was, they never did get around to saying that much of the hunting season is done in and around water.

Hunters that are engaged in hunting in and around water should be just as aware of boating and hypothermia issues as your average recreational boater. In fact, those hunters that use boats as platforms from which to hunt are boaters!

We encourage all hunters in and around water to follow these simple rules:

Wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device – Life Jacket). A Type III Float Coat or Exposure Suit or Type IV (inflatable) would be your best bet.

File a Float Plan with your friends, family or hunting lodge.

Don’t drink Alcohol before hunting/boating.

Check the weather before you head out and dress appropriately.

Take a safe boating course.

Make sure your boat is properly equipped – get a free vessel safety check by visiting

Read this pamphlet by the United Safe Boating Institute: “Safe Boating Tips for Anglers, Hunters & Campers” at

For more information about safe boating, contact the Seward Flotilla, Coast Guard Auxiliary at

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is composed of uniformed, non-military volunteer’s who assist the Coast Guard in all of its varied missions, except for military and direct law enforcement. These men and women can be found on the nation’s waterways, in the air, in classrooms and on the dock, performing Maritime Domain Awareness patrols, safety patrols, vessel safety checks and public education.


The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary was founded in 1939 by an Act of Congress as the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve and re-designated as the Auxiliary in 1941. Its 30,000 members donate millions of hours annually in support of Coast Guard missions.



Contact: Sue Lang
Seward Flotilla 170-02-05
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary



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